6 Infographics to Illustrate the Lack of Asian Representation

If you were wondering just how underrepresented asians are within the media industry, here’s a few infographics that will help illustrate our point. The first 4 examples are statistics to do with America and Hollywood. If America already has such a low percentage even though asians are starting to become more vocal about the issue of diversity over there, you can only imagine how much worse in comparison Australia is.





Below is a study on diversity for Australian media, as you can see Non-Europeans make up on 7% of TV drama characters and 10% of Actors playing characters. If you were to filter it down to just those of asian descent, this percentage would be even smaller.


This last infographic below  highlights the importance we’ve stated in previous posts about the introduction of social media for asian representation. In this charts, you can see the most common users of Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are all of asian descent.


This draws us back to the fact that mainstream media is still predominantly occupied by white people. Perhaps we should start with sharing our stories and raising awareness through the various social media platforms, till we garner enough attention to make real change in mainstream media.



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