3 Shows You Should Check Out

Bored with nothing to do? In search of a new show to watch? Don’t worry, we got your back! Here’s a list of 3 awesome tv shows that supports asian representation not only onscreen but in offscreen roles as well, allowing for authentic and relatable stories without all the stereotypes!

The Family Law (2016-)


This Aussie tv series is described as an authentic comedy with universal appeal. Laugh along as you follow the dysfunctional world of a Chinese-Australian family through the eyes of 14 yr old Benjamin Law.

Fresh Off the Boat (2015-)


Another comedy based show that looks at the lives of the Huangs, an immigrant family in America, as they try to acclimate to their new, strange surroundings and embrace the “American Dream” after moving from the Chinatown area of Washington D.C. to the suburban Orlando.

Master of None (2015-)


This American comedy-drama follows the personal and professional life of 30 yr old Dev, and actor in New York who has trouble making decisions. Critics rave it as exceptionally executed with charm, humour, and heart. Master of None is a refreshingly offbeat take on a familiar premise.

All that’s left is for you to kick back and start the binge watching!



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