Yellow face done right

On our last post, we touched on the issue of yellow face in the media.

Well, here’s an asian woman not afraid to show her thoughts on the matter.

Michelle Villemaire, who also goes by ‘mimi’, is a maker of sorts and describes herself as a DIY mom, having shown her self created projects through her Youtube channel and blog, as well as having appeared on various tv shows and being a lifestyle contributor to media sites like Huffington Post.

After getting frustrated over the issue of whitewashing, Michelle decided that she would take action, and came up with project Correcting Yellowface.

The project involved taking pictures of herself posed as the Asian characters that had been whitewashed and played by white women in film. Take a look at her amazing recreations below:

Luise Rainer in The Good Earth

Katherine Hepburn in Dragon Seed

Myrna Loy in The Mask of Fu Manchu

Rita Moreno in The King and I

Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell

Emma Stone in Aloha

Michelle mentions that she felt motivated to do this as she never saw many asian faces in the media growing up She explains, “This photographic journey is a love letter to all my Asian brothers and sisters out there trying to break into a tough business. I feel your struggle. But please keep fighting the fight. You are talented. You re beautiful. And goddammit, we belong in the picture.”

Not only is her project visually stunning but its message is an inspirational one and highlights the importance of asian representation in the media.

Let’s keep supporting each other and fighting on till we see some real change in the media!!!

For more details on mimi’s project, check out 



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