Let’s break the Bamboo Ceiling

Despite being known as a multicultural country, Australia has a serious lack of racial diversity within its media industry. Australians with an Asian cultural background or ancestry make up for more than 10% of Australian population yet are virtually invisible in the industry with little representation in both on screen and off screen roles. Not only are they often overlooked in the on screen casting process, there are also many instances of whitewashing asian roles in film. Furthermore, they are underrepresented in off screen roles such as directors, writers, and producers, fields in which are dominated by white males. This together with inaccurate portrayals and stereotypes of Asian people within media has created a cycle of an unbreakable ‘bamboo ceiling’ for them to gain true representation and thrive in the industry.

The BambooCeiling Campaign aims to raise awareness on this situation, to promote the importance of diversity and accurate representations of Asians in the media, and to break down the inaccurate stereotypes that have often been portrayed.

It’s time to break this bamboo ceiling.

Share your stories and experiences with us and let’s have our voices heard!

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